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Card for 3rd monitor

I have a 990fx sabertooth with a phenom II, and gtx 570. Have the second monitor setup on another desk running another operating system. Want to hookup a dual monitor setup for my first workstation. I'm currently using SoftXpand for my virtual software idk if that matters. The card I want to use is down at the bottom its on sale. I'm not planning on hooking it up in SLI, will this affect my setup or my card performance at all?
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    AS long as one card is dedicated to each screen, you'll notice. It's like having two PC's almost except the CPU will feel like one. I run 2 monitors on 560 ti's most of the time, it really helped when I got SLI. I can have like a game on my 1080p screen and google chrome on the other. It also helps with workstations if you need lots of space.
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