60c idle too hot? 6870 2GB ram

Hello again everyone!
Is 60c idle and 65% fan speed normal when the computer is sitting idle? On load I have seen it shoot to about 93-94c.
My card:

side question:
I have been playing swtor.com lately and my GPU artifacts when I enable bloom?
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  1. I'm not familiar with the 6870's maximums, but thats pretty hot and loud i bet.

    The artifacting is probably a result of your gpu overheating or it could be a bug with the bloom effect in swtor.
  2. That's HOT! Go back to that link you posted from Newegg and read the reviews. Your problem with heat seems to be a fairly common comment about that card.
  3. I'd say thats too hot, might be causing the artifacts too. Hows your incase air-flow? Try opening your side panel to see if that helps, that card doesnt expel air hot out so its possible it could just be self heating itself if you dont have a constant stream of new cooler air.
  4. [cpp]
    | <----- air out ^ |
    | | |
    | ^ air out |
    | | |
    | | |
    | 2 CPU Fans (super powerful) |
    | ^ |
    <--- Air out | |
    | | | |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    | ---> GPU fan <-- |
    | |
    | |
    |----> air in ^ air in <---| Air-in
    | | |

  5. I idle at 55 degrees with dual monitors, do you have more than one monitor? Having it plugged in even increases the temperatures.
  6. That's very hot for an idle temp for a modern card. I've never had a video card idle hotter than 50C and that was an 8800 GTX that didn't have the ability to downclock while in 2D mode in a case with bad ventilation. I'd return it.
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