Internet connection dropping every couple of minutes

Hello, I'm new here, hope I am asking this in the right spot.. I just have recently been experiencing some dropping off the internet.. My phone company has been out here and has done tests, and changed out my wireless modem with a new one, switched me to a new high speed port.. cleaned up the cables outside my house.. installed a new jack.. and we have yet to solve this intermittent dropping and reconnecting... I am starting to wonder, if not anything else with my outside line.. is there something else causing the problem. I switched my channel from 11 to 9.. hoping it would help.. *my neighbor is on channel 11* thought maybe his was interfering with mine .I am using WPA, I have disabled the power adapter from "saving power" in the adapter settings..
When the internet does drop off the DSL light on the modem goes out, and then comes back on..its not blinking off and on, just off.. then waits.. then reconnects to the net, it's almost like it's refreshing or something every couple of minutes..

The modem is a Siemens Speedstream 6520

Can anyone think of anything that may be causing this? Any settings or something? Let me know what information is needed..
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  1. When I was on DSL I had problems with compact florescent lights causing slowdowns every evening. And if a certain light was switched on I would loose my connection for a few seconds.

    My solution was to change most of my lights with newer ones, which helped, and then run a dedicated phone line to my router.
  2. I think I have solved it.. it seems the past couple of days I haven't lost connection.. since I changed the option of the wireless adapter setting. It had dropped my connection twice in an hour after I unchecked "Dont allow this device to turn off the adapter...etc", so I thought that made no difference, but as it appears now.. I haven't lost my connection since that last drop off... I am hoping this is resolved.. if it comes back, I'll give the florescent light thing a try.. I do have only those in my house :) Thanks for the reply PhilFrisbie
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