Mw3 crashes afther free week?

I just got a new Hitachi 7200 rpm 3.0 sata 500g from my friends old pc.

on every load up Mw3 would crash with a 101 bsod I'm either thinking its the game it self or its a Faulty hard drive since all my temps in Vcore is fine

Voltage is 3.30 Max 3.31 Cpu vcore was 1.42 on Aion start up in this is more graphic demanding Cpu temps are running around 30c idle My graphic card never runs above 50c . I went ahead in put back my old hard drive in.

So has any one eels got the bsod while trying to start up Mw3?
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    I doubt the problem is with the drive. However, you could check the drive for errors, try reinstalling the game or install MW3 on your old drive. If symptoms persist, consult a more appropriate forum (ie videogames) with your full system specs.
  2. all right I will install mw3 on my old hard drive in if it happens ill contact Steam. I had bsods in the past but that was due to bad Ram but the problem is fix I don't need another one lol ; ]
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