Best Graphics Card for a 350w PSU

I've have a GPU that I was Advised to buy by someone, but would like to know what you guys would advice me to buy and what is the better GPU for a 350w PSU....
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  1. what is the rest of your system?
    we need to know wow much readroom we have.
  2. sosofm said:

    I would say the 7750 is the best card for a 350w psu. What processor are you using and how much ram? If these aren't adequate you'll have to upgrade them also.
  3. CPU: Intel Core i7 860 2.80GHz
    Ram: 6.00GB
  4. Just to let you all know, I can only use Website which sell in ££££ British Pound Sterling ££££ (e.g.,
  5. And also my current GPU is GTS 240 which uses 1 PCI Connector
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