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Cpu Fan Amperage Difference

I am attempting to fix an annoyingly loud fan in my Parents computer. I am not totally new to the electronics scene, but it seems like the motherboard on their HP p6210y won't allow for a cpu cooler fan that has any less than 12v .7amps (the current specs on the cooler fan). I used one of my fans on an older computer I have (12v .2amps) and it seems to run slower (which is understandable considering the difference) the problem is it does not provide adequate cooling. I am considering buying a new cooler that will fit (I am well aware of different sockets). But will the fan still have this problem if the amperes differ? (it seems like by modern fan standards .7 amps is quite high...)


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    Faster fans will draw more current (amps) then slower one as they require more power, quiet fans usually spin slow so they would draw less than 500ma (0.5A).
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