DVD decoder?

I'm wanting to get a DVD-ROM but I have no idea which one to get. Plus, what exactly is a dvd decoder? Just curious. Thanks!
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  1. Take a look at the Toshibas and Pioneers. They're both quite good performers.

    A DVD decoder essentially takes some stress off of your video card. It will hardware decode DVDs, allowing for smoother playback, especially if you've got a slower computer. Most newer computers won't need a DVD decoder to play the DVDs though.

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  2. I got a 16x Pioneer 116 (tray load). Works great.
    only gripe-can get a little loud, but not too loud that it bothers when watching a movie.

    a dvd (hardware) decoder is just like the other stated.
    a dvd (software) decoder does the same thing except it used your cpu alot, but its also much cheaper than a hardware decoder. i have a fast processor (and if you have one too) go ahead and save some money and get a software decoder. It should work just as good the hardware if you got enough cpu power.
  3. Also, some newer video cards have decoding built in. I have a 12x DVD (Afreey), a P3 866 and a GeForce 2 MX 64 meg, and I have no problem whatsoever.
    Minimum requirements for trouble-free viewing are probably a 8x DVD, and then either a 600+ processor (for software decoding), or a decoder card or good video card that supports it.

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  4. A DVD decoder card (Hardware) will normaly have outputs for plugging you PC into a VCR/Dolby Amp.
    E.G. Realmagic Hollywood+ has Comp Video, S Video, Stereo, and S/PDIF output. but if you don't want to plug you PC into a TV/VCR the go with the software.

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  5. You don't really need a decoder card. Get a good ViVo Vga card and you can have Tv out and Video in...

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