Can i use 3d on my nvidia 3d vision ready monitor with my ati 6850?

so i just ordered my Asus 23' VG236HE and i thought everything was fine as i saw supports stereosscopic 3d on my XFX HD RADEON 6850 but then i saw nvidia 3d vision ready and i thought to my self but my card is ati anyways according to many oldd reviews i was seeing that it isnt but some more recent say it is with third party software?? so im kind of lost cause i just ordered my 325 euro montior and i cant afford a graphics card! so please someone tell me can i support the 3d setting of my monitor with my card and how...oh and btw do the glasses of the tv have to be nvidia branded or do they just have to be active shutter glassses thanks!
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  1. AMD cards can sometimes work with Nvidia 3D monitors, but there is a key importance. The monitor must support HDMI 1.4a which is rare to be supported, and even then, it only supports 60hz 3D gaming up to 720p.

    What you really want is a 3D monitor that supports Displayport. Look at the Samsung 750 and 950 monitors. They are the only ones with displayport 3D monitors that I'm aware of. These are much better suited for you. Hopefully you can either cancel your order or return it at a small fee for the monitor you want.
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