4890 freezes computer in graphics intense games.

So, I have this old XFX Radeon HD 4890 that always makes the computer crash into some noisy mono-colored screen with screeching after playing a while in heavy games like BF3 or RIFT. Thing is, if I downclock the card in CCC and up the fan manually to 75%-100% it will last much longer or won't crash at all.
I've checked temps, they're rarely above 60 degrees centigrades and I've removed all dust (applied new artic silver paste too). I thought about juice from the psu too but problem didn't go away with a new Corsair HX750 w. Re-installed drivers etc, never oc'ed it at all.

I'm going to build a new comp come kepler and ivybridge but the gadget nerd in me wants to know why my card is acting up. Space and air-flow is sufficient too. As of now I've decided it's simply age, comps and gfx-cards are consumer good after all.

Any enlightening thoughts will be much appreciated, if only to teach me more about comps :)
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  1. It's possible the card is dying....
  2. Since it's an XFX card, it probably has the Double Lifetime warranty, so you can RMA it for a replacement.

    It might also be because your overclocks on the processor are too high or there's not enough voltage, that was my case when I had my 4890, may be different for you, also check connections, and the 4890 may not be receiving enough voltage anymore, use GPU-Z to check.
  3. Forgot to mention , system less that 1 yrs old.
  4. I got same problems as you, using 2 R4890 cyclone in crossfire mode. Running with 1 card just don't fix it. don't think rest of machine.

    Spec : FX 4000 serie CPU
    Asus motherboar with 8 G Ram ( cosair Think )
    1 monitor onlly, was looking for another.
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