Buy GTS 450 or wait for keplar...

Hey Guy i need your opinion ...
I want to upgrade my graphic sub system.
Here are my options
1. Buy GTS 450 (Already have one. I m getting an Second hand 450 for cheap)
2. Buy nvidia keplar when it comes out.

Budget for keplar: 250$.
Any Suggestions?

Games to be played:
1.Crysis 2
2.Dirt 3
3.GTA 5
4.Max payne 3
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  1. if you can get a second one for cheap then by all means.

    Great budget way to prolong hardware life.

    Kepler wouldnt be cheap especially with the 28nm hasnt fully matured.
    But the games might be too much to play even for gts 450 SLI to handle unless you want to turn down eye candy a little.
  2. Not a serious gamer , but i do like to play games . Wouldn't mind turning down some settings.
  3. Personally, I'd wait for kepler. New gen gpus often performs almost 1.5X better than old ones and come out at a much cheaper price. Not to mention, multi gpu has many issues including micro-stuttering, power, heat, etc...
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