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so I have gotten my hands on a i5-2550k cpu for 170 and I am trying to make myself a computer that will run diablo 3 at max settings.

What i need is:
-a case
-a psu
-a gpu
-a mobo
-a hdd
-disk drive

I do have my own monitor and i guess i have the cpu as well. I was wondering if someone could help me try and piece together the rest of the parts for about 400dollars. I live in Canada, so dont mind ordering from newegg or tigerdirect or memory express.
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  1. ohh the monitor will run at a resolution of 1920x1080
  2. current build looking like this

    CASE – Zalman z9: price matched $37.49

    CPU – i5 2550k: price matched $173.60

    MOBO – have not found one yet

    PSU - OCZ ZS Series 650W Performance Power Supply (OCZ-ZS650W) $74.99

    HDD - 500GB Barracuda 7200rpm SATA III w/ 16MB $79.99 Cache

    RAM-2x4gb $41.99

    Optical Drive - $21.98

    GPU - need to select one still..

    Currently my build sits at around 430 without tax. Is there a certain gpu or mobo you could reccomend to fit everything under 550-600.. my budget is 500 but doesnt look like i can get that low
  3. No, you won't get as low a $500 with a $170 CPU. The cheapest reasonable mobo (SLI/Xfire ready) is the $120 ASRock Z68 Extreme3. That puts you at $431 without a PSU or a GPU. Even $169 is hardly enough. Anyway, you're looking at a 6870.
  4. -Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 GHz CPU

    -6 GB Ram

    -160 GB + 160 GB Sata Hard Drives

    -1 GB Nvidia 9500GT Graphics Card w/ dual DVI

    This is my current cpu, do you think thats enough to run diablo 3?
  5. Oh, I support the 2500K upgrade (not 2550K; the extra 5 doesn't matter). I'm just complaining. This $600 seems to do it, and you've got room for another 6870 in the future.
  6. Alright so ended up selling the 2550k for 220 so some guy and remembered i actually need to stick to my budget because of upcoming car maintenance.

    So i decided to make a new build.

    CPU @ 60

    MOBO @49.99

    RAM @ 22 after pricematch

    GPU @77 after rebates

    PSU @ 130

    CASE – Zalman z9: price matched $38 [...] &sku=57909

    HDD and Optical Drive i have kicking around the house

    Coming to a grand total of $377. What do you think?
  7. now the question remains will this play diablo 3 +1920x1080 or will i have to lower the resolution
  8. hmm..... im almost debating get a psu case combo..
    what do you guys think?
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    No, the 6770 will not max Diablo 3. It'll play it at 1920x1080 with lowered settings.
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  11. thank you sir! :)

    good to know that this build is gonna leave me enough money to maintain my car haha
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