Help with gaming resolution :( no 1680x1050

hi, i dunno why but in every game i play, no games has the 1680x1050 resulution i use, i have tried to go to the config file for the games but then the games just resets the resulution, im using a gtx 560 sli setup, right now im having an nvidia gtx in the top and a inno 3d gtx in the buttom.

4 weeks ago it was working but then the inno 3d was in top and the nvidia was in buttom. i changed em because my pc wasnt working so i fixed it but now the resulutions for the games dosent work :( i have tried to change em back but then my screen wont even turn on :(

sorry for my bad english, but hope u guys can help me :)
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  1. Well since you didnt bother to give any system info gonna take a stab at it. Reinstall the drivers.
  2. i have tried , but dosent work :(

    i got a core i5 2500k cpu
    gtx 560 sli gpu
    gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3p-b3 motherboard
    1000w power supply
    4gb ram
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