Choosing a Mobility CPU

For the computer I am considering, the standard option is the i7-3610QM, you can upgrade to the following CPUs, for the following prices.

i7-3720QM (+$150.00)
i7-3820QM (+$350.00)
i7-3920XM (+$900.00)
i7-3920XM (+$1,150.00)

I plan to use this for everything, gaming, productivity, household stuff, the whole deal. Gaming is generally the most demanding thing I do on it. Should I upgrade the CPU?

I will probably have 16 GB RAM and dual 2 GB 7970 graphics cards.
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  1. .... You don't need 16GB of RAM for anything you mentioned, 8GB is more than enough for that. As far as the CPU, get the best you can afford, but I will say that laptops for gaming is not a super great idea. A $1000 desktop could own a $4000-5000 "gaming" laptop all day long. The price to performance vs mobility just isn't worth the cost.

    Its much more economical to get a fairly competent laptop that can do light gaming on when you're traveling, and put the most money into a desktop rig. Hell, you'd be better off getting a small Travel/LAN style computer case thats portable.
  2. Believe me, I have thought hard about that topic. I have been building my own gaming desktops for over a decade now. But I really hate working between two computers and I need to be able to travel internationally and stay for months at a time. The compressive forces that my luggage undergoes in the belly of the plane and the tender mercies of the baggage crew have shattered wooden hangars; I do not expect a desktop to travel well. If it can't fit in my carry on, I cannot expect it to survive the trip.

    I have never tried building a small desktop there a way to achieve a powerful gaming rig that will fit into a carry on, ideally with room to spare?

    EDIT: and monitor, keyboard, etc. of course.
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    Fitting one in a carry on, no I suppose not. :lol: Well, if you have the money for it, get the best laptop you can afford. The 3820 honestly should be enough though.
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