Would this PSU work overseas?

***Long Version*** Short is lower.
Ok I've just finished my first home-built PC but I'm moving overseas (from USA to Dubai) and my question is:

Can this PSU:

Handle the 220V socket that is used in Dubai if I just buy a plug converter for the power cable so I can plug it into a wall socket?

I really don't want to go overseas and blow up my brand new expensive PC (or blow up the convertor from a power overload since converters and just used for little appliances: hair dryers, etc) so if someone could help me it would be very well appreciated.

Thank you, have a good one :)

***Short version:***
My current PC power cable looks like this:

Yet the wall socket in Dubai looks like this:

So would a standard power converter help or would I need a whole new power cable?
Example would this work without blowing up PC or converter?:

Voltage used in Dubai ~220V
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  1. Yes. It's Active PFC, so it's auto voltage switching. All you need to do is buy a cable when you get there that plugs into the outlets that you require (the PSU side will be the same).

    Edit: About a minute quicker (or so it says), but still too slow, lol.
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    Any PSU with active PFC will work anywhere in the world, that unit will work just fine in dubai, you will just need to get a new computer power cable, the end that goes into the PSU is always the same so just get one from a local store so it can plug into the wall properly. Adapters aren't the best idea, a proper cable is a better choice.
  3. Thanks guys I'll actually order a power cable now so I'll be set when I get there. Refresh my memory it's called a BS1363 correct? And the PSU input is a C13/14/or 15? I can never remember...
  4. Mistake.
  5. Gjunki said:
    Refresh my memory it's called a BS1363 correct?

    I honestly have no idea about that myself...
  6. And yes, C13 is the cable connector and C14 is the PSU side connector (I think).
  7. Yeah, from what I have found BS1363 is the standard connector in the UAE which includes Dubai. The PSU is C13/C14, i can never remember which one is the cable and the PSU.
  8. Perfect thanks so much hunter315.
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