Motherboard problem!

Ok so i when i try to plug in my psu connector to my motherboard it turns on all the fan for 1 second and then turns off.
I tried switching the motherboard battery and the cpu but nothing work. I also tried using a paper clip to turn on my psu and it turns on. Thanks
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  1. Is this a new build? I have had a PSU fail but still pass the paper clip test!
  2. Yes this is a new build
  3. Ok thanks!
  4. i try every thing but nothing works
  5. If everything is installed correctly, like standoffs for the motherboard all cables hooked up (24pin and 4(8)pin) and you tried with a single stick of ram it is a toss up between the board and PSU. There is a link in the guide how to do bread boarding and that would be the next step.
  6. is there another way because i dont have a bread board
  7. It is basically to assemble it outside the case and follow the steps! A case (motherboard speaker is necessary for it.
  8. I have tried it but i dont hear anny beeps from anything
  9. If there are no beeps without ram or GPU and speaker is installed then it is the most likely the motherboard but if it is still only turning on for 1sec with min components then it still can be the PSU.
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