Which HD 6850?

I am planning on buying an AMD HD 6850. I have decided on the GPU. What I haven't decided on is which type. I have found pretty much all versions and I ask you which is best.


Asus: 15mhz higher clock than teh norm; looks nice too.


Sapphire: Standard specs but looks the best. Slightly more expensive than Asus.


MSI: Highest overclocked memory and core. Looks awful though.


PowerColor: Looks nice at ok price.


Novatech: By far cheapest but also looks cheap.

So which one should I buy?
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  1. I honestly think you should get the 6870, it is extremely cheap just recently and looks quite good too, not to mention the performance increase but then again its personal preference.


    Thats the MSI version, not too aesthetically pleasing but decent price.
    There was an XFX 6870 on pc world selling for £121 but there no longer selling.

    There are a few other 6850's for 120-130 mark such as gigabyte dual fans, or the xfx version.

    But in my personal preference i would choose a card which has the most overhead OC ability.
  2. Like sammy said, go with the 6870 if the price difference is not too big and if your PSU has 2x pci-e power connectors, it is a fantastic card for the price. As for the brand, my personnal favorite for AMD is Sapphire but all will work similarly. Good luck ;)
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