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Hello, anyone have a good but under $1k build list laying around? Playing some games, world of warcraft and some games from facebook nothing too intense. Would really appreciate it, thx much.
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    Specify what games?

    Doesn't sound like you need much at all. You can throw something together for 1000 that can play the latest games quite smoothly.

    Here, I've thrown a set together quickly:

    $20 optical drive:

    $90 HDD:

    $230 CPU:

    $50 RAM:

    $100 mobo:

    $150 GPU:

    $60 PSU:

    $50 case:

    $30 heatsink:

    of course, that's MASSIVE overkill, but if you have the money to burn, go right ahead.

    since you don't need to spend that much money for what you need to run, you can always cut down the cpu to an i3, get rid of the aftermarket heatsink, and save another good 130 bucks.
  2. also a 3540 if you have a micro cneter near you is 150.00. also on the power supply cosair can be bought at a good price and there a good power supply too. you dont want to go cheap on a power supply and have it take out your gaming rig.
    if the funds are there i toss in a small 128g ssd as a boot drive. i got one on new egg for under 100.00
    has 70.00 rebate right now. I would also look into the 7000 and 600 line of cards..they newer and use less power then the older cheaper cards.
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