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I am in the process of replacing my old G11 Logitech keyboard and have been looking at the G510 which, incidentally, was on sale locally. I had them open the box so I could actually see the keyboard to make sure the left bank of G-keys are not too closely placed. It appears the G510 is very similar to my old G11 with the exception of the display screen on the top center of the board.

I also was told about this: Mad Catz® S.T.R.I.K.E. 7 Gaming Keyboard....but cannot bring myself to spend so much on the keyboard even if it is exciting to see the options available.

Any feedback will be welcome. ....I am actually going to play GW2 soon and am hoping to improve my movement with casting abilities. I have really enjoyed playing casting-type characters and the only drawback I have is I have to stand rooted in place in order to do much casting in most games. This is different in GW2 so I am excited about the possibilities.

Thanks in advance... :)
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  1. Corsair K90 , Logitiech G710+ or Logitech G19 is my top 3 :pt1cable:
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