Gigabyte Radeon HD7750 locking up a Vista x64 build

Just bought the new Gigabyte card, thinking I could replace my old Asus card (a HD 3750). Decided to take the occasion to do a clean install of Vista Ultimate x64 to give everything a fresh start. Vista is fully patched, the HD 7750 is the only card in the rack, and yet when I load the current drivers off the AMD website (or off the CD), the system hangs if I try to open IE 9 or the Catalyst Control panel. I do have GPU-Z running when I go to do this, and the card's GPU speed jumps from an idling 300 to its advertised 880 OC. Power supply is a relatively new 500w Antec Earthwatts, mobo is an Asus P5E with 8 GB RAM and a Core 2 Duo CPU running at 3.61. What's boggling me is that the system is stable -until- I open up something other than a system window (control panel, my computer, etc.). Any ideas as to what the trouble might be? I'm thinking it's the drivers but I hope I'm wrong. Thanks in advance.
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  1. To add a bit more to my confusion. I installed the Opera browser (my default of choice) and it does not freeze the system like launching IE9 does. I even thought it might be a maximized window issue since IE9 opens that way, but no, Opera works fine regardless of window size.
  2. Vista fully patched is still a steaming pile of doodoo. Sorry man not implying anything other than the OS is ***.
  3. No worries, just trying to make sense of a bad situation. Up until now Vista has actually been rather well behaved. I don't know if Windows 7 would be all that much better but if it would resolve this issue with -certainty- I'd give that upgrade some thought. I pitched enough out the window buying Vista Ultimate. I'd hate to be fooled again.
  4. Another curious experiment reveals that while Opera functions when IE9 locks things up straightaway, opening a YouTube video in Opera will result in a system lockup as well. I guess a mp4/avi test is in order.
  5. Video of any kind is a no-go. I have also tried the same drivers on a clean Windows 7 Ultimate install (borrowed for the purpose of this experiment). Again, the OS is fully updated and now the system hangs right after logging in, forcing a hard reboot and an uninstall from Safe Mode. I remain mystified as to why this card is not behaving properly.
  6. Could just be a bad card ya know? It happens, or a flaw somewhere else has developed.
  7. I suppose it could be a faulty card. That'd be a first for me and I'm probably due after twenty-plus years of building my own rigs. Surely AMD wouldn't release drivers that are this buggy. I'll give it another couple of days worth of work before I get an RMA for it. Maybe someone here will have a different suggestion or I could think of an approach I have not yet tried. Thanks again.
  8. Inquiry ticket filed with the people at Gigabyte. Not expecting much help there but I figure every rock deserves a turn. After resetting the BIOS and installing the drivers again, I was able to playback a single .mkv file. As soon as I closed the player, the system froze again. Square One - revisited.
  9. Since that vid card is the last thing you changed out, its a good bet thats where the problem lies. See what Gigabyte says and let us know.
  10. First response from Gigabyte (only took two days...)

    Dear Customer,

    Under the OS when you run GPU-Z and monitor the temperature of the card how high does it reaches?
    Anyway to isolate this card onto another system to further test the results?

    I did tell them that Windows 7 did not get past the login screen with the drivers installed. I wonder how they expect me to run GPU-Z?
  11. An usual, yet happy update. Gigabyte suggested that I try the 2nd PCIe slot. Doing that appears to have resolved or bypassed whatever conflict is happening in the first slot. Any ideas on what the nature of that conflict might be? I've never had this kind of fix work before on other machines I've worked on.
  12. Gigabyte suggested that I contact Asus about the PCIe slot issue. Nearly two weeks in now, with no response. The card works in the second slot and I don't plan to add another video card, so it's case closed as far as the problem is concerned. Asus' reply will only satisfy my curiosity about what went wrong. The card doesn't yield a spiffy frame rate on Ultra settings, but then I game at 1920x1200 so it isn't all that surprising for a ~$100 card.
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