Would upgrading my Duel core to a quad core greatly improve FPS in...

...high end games such as battlefield 3 and crysis 2.

My specs are....
GTX 560 TI 1gb OC
6gb ram
AMD PHENOM II X2 550 processor (duel core @ 3.1ghz)
Windows 7 64 bit

I want to upgrade my CPU to the AMD PHENOM II X4 965 Processor (quad core @ 3.4ghz)
located here

I wanna know if this upgrade will greatly or atleast boost my FPS high enough so i can actually play these games without Low FPS.

Battlefield 3 only gets around 40 FPS but i end up going down to 22 and i figured it must be the processor, if i upgrade it will this stop the frame rate drop that i experience?
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  1. The X4 will help with some of the games inclusive of BF3.
  2. BF3 can benefit from having more core in multiplayer; it only uses two cores in single player.

    Crysis 2 only uses 2 cores and it doesn't really care how fast the CPU is as long as it is not slow enough to bottleneck your graphic card.

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