4850X2 HDMI support? also help making quiet

So I noticed on amd's website it says for the 4850x2 "HDMI output support?" my questions is I have a 4850x2 and it just has four dvi ports. Is there other models that had hdmi, I'm assuming if I used one of the dvi to hdmi adapters the card came with I am not going to somehow be able to get sounds as well out of the cable. This is correct right? There is no way to get sounds/video out of a dvi to hdmi. Also I wanted to try and do somthing to help with noise etc...I did not reall want to take up another slot with a vga cooler but was curious do those fans with the cooper that I am guessing replace the two plastic fans on the video card help out? Is their other fans anyone would recomend to replace the stock ones to make it more efficient and maybe a little quieter? Any ideas would be great.
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    Yes an Artic Cooling Accelero S1 will cool that 4850 X2 better than the stock cooler and quieter too. I think the DVI ports on the Radeon HD 4800 series also support sound over HDMI (my Radeon HD 4890 does, and it only has DVI ports) when using a DVI-to-HDMI converter.
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