How to view other computers using my wifi

i have a wifi network for my house, how can i see if there is other computers that are using my wifi network on my computer(Windows Vista O.S.)
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  1. Normally you can look on the side or bottom of the wireless router to find the default ip address and login info to access the setup for it. You should be able to find a way to restrict users by list such as the wireless mac filter access list or similar.
    You can use this to find every computer that is currently using it via wifi and can choose to allow or prevent them from accessing. This is a normal recommended feature to prevent those you know that have been abusing your network such as neighbors constantly downloading things.

    Such as Cisco routers default is and Netgear is
    but the router should have the exact it uses depending on brand.
  2. Going in the router and you will be able to see who connected to your router and what they did with it
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