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Will the cooler master 212 evo fit inside my H8-1022 Tower?

I own an HP H8-1022 and I was wondering if it will fit in my case....I don't mind having my side panel open but will I have to do something else to make it fit? I do not own it as of yet but just ordered it and then realized it might not fit....also If it does fit would it be sitting over my RAM slots?

Thanks to everyone in advance.
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  1. cant say. HP doesn't label its case specifications. You need a case width of at least 7.5" to barely fit a hyper 212+/evo
  2. Haha well I guess when it arrives tomorrow I will find out if it fits or not >.< and I can't even send it back and exchange it >.< Gosh I sure am Smart xD
  3. I'm more interested in why you got it in the first place?

    Cooler temps are all well and good, but since you can't OC with that system, you could have just gone with a lower profile cooler, like a Hyper TX3. It would still be better than stock, but you wouldn't have had to worry about it fitting (or at least not as much as you will with the Evo).
  4. I'm purchasing a new mother board in about 4 weeks so I figured I would just get a new heatsink, fan,memory and an ssd and just add it to my computer now until i switch over.
  5. Ah, that makes sense then. :)
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    6.88 inches on that case < don't think it's going to fit.
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