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I havent been able to play bf3 for a while now and all iv done is try to fix it. I was able to fix it but there was another problem. My first problem was that when it was loading the game it will finish loading then it will freeze on a black screen and then crash. Now after mucking around with some settings, im not sure what i did but i was able to get it to work and i can play like normal now. My current problem is that it will freeze then crash to a black screen and i have to do a ctrl alt del to close it down. Iv searched and i havent really found any solutions. I would install a different driver but i just got gta iv running really well and smoothly and when i install new drivers it tends to make other games run worse
Can somebody plz tell me how i can fix this?
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  1. Try a new driver. If it messes up GTA, reinstall the old driver.
  2. What is the best recommended driver for bf3? I tried using 11.10 but for some reason it screws up my computer. Also could the crashing be caused by gpu temp being to high?
  3. Are you using 32 bit os ?
  4. In reply to the temps: Run Furmark to find out.
  5. windows ultimate 64bit
    asus hd690 direct ci ii 2gb
    1t seagate hdd
    gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3
    ocz modxstream pro 700w
    8gb ddr3 ram
  6. the cpu ?
  7. Sorry it felt like i forgot something. Its a phenom ii x4 840
  8. try repair install and if that doesnt work update nvidia drivers or roll back to witch ever one works
  9. Thanks that has seemed to work and surprisingly gta iv still runs well. I didn't want to do it because it made gta run bad but it doesnt now for some reason. But how do i stop those annoying pop ins in bf3?
  10. Nope that method hasnt worked, after 30 mins of playing it freezed again and crashed. The exact same as 12.1
  11. check the event viewer and take a screenshot and post it here if it has any error of bf3 so i could get more hints as to whats going on
  12. misha87 said:
    check the event viewer and take a screenshot and post it here if it has any error of bf3 so i could get more hints as to whats going on

    Sorry, I'm not 100% sure how to do that but the error message only happens 2% of the time i try to open it.

    This is what I'm mostly getting now. It used to happen when i was able to run bf3 really well... but it would happen 2 hours into a game and only happen once or twice. Its also happened in gta iv but also i was playing it for a LONG time and it rarely happened, and if it happened it would stay there until i restart the system.
    This wasn't a common problem for me and it was really really rare for it to happen, but now it happens on bf3 MOST of the time now but i don't have to restart the system because it only happens in the game.

    And I'm also having a hard time even getting into the game because it will just keep loading then go black then the system will hang for 3 seconds then go back to normal.
  13. here is a little guide on how to use event viewer

    after you know how to use it post if it says anything bout bf3 sorry to be pushing but i need to see if it has anything about bf3 so i could help you fix it
  14. BF3 runs great on every driver from 11.10 up to the 12.2 preview. Is your sytem overclocked and is it stable? I would try running prime 95 and then memtest86. If you get any errors at all then you have an issue that needs to be fixed.
  15. Also, try MSI kombuster. It is free and it will punish your gpu so if you have any gpu related problems this will find it fast.
  16. Yeah my phenom ii x4 840 is oc to 3.8 with a 1.35 vCore and ram is lowered so it's just below it's stock clock. It's pretty stable because I ran it all night last night for about 10 to 11 hours I think and no errors or anything. It's temp got to about 39-40 and stayed there. Iv hit 4.00ghz but i was worried I will start cooking it because the vCore was at about 1.400 and higher and that seemed to run fine until it got to hot. I would oc my graphics card to 900mhz and 1.300mhz experimenting with different softwares like ati, msg afterburner and smart doc to see if bf3 not running would be because of that but no luck. I'm using smart doc atm and it's set to 1.175v, 900mhz and 5110 mem clock
  17. You should try prime95 to test your cpu overclock. It will run all cores at 100% and if an error is detected the core will shut down. It is a torture test that will go beyond what any application can do. You really should try msi kombuster also. It is designed to test gpu overclocks. It will also go beyond what any game can do. Both programs are small and free and designed to test overclocks. I would not consider an overclock stable unless it can run those without errors.
  18. yeah the program I was using was prime95 and iv had no errors what so ever. I downloaded kombuster but I wasn't sure how to use it. What should my gnu temps be on idle and at 100%? Because I did the little test on gpu-z and the tamp will hit 59 with fans pretty high. I didn't run it for long but I ran it for like an hour or so. Could the be any possible reasons for this game to not work (disconnected from server, could not join server and also freezing and system hanging then crashing) Could it possible be an HDR issue and not the gpu?
  19. Remove all your overclcocks and boot the system to standard specs, then try and launch the game and see if you have any issues , some overclcocks while stable in other games or environments are not always stable for a uber sensitive game like honestly has issues
  20. Yeah i regret busting out 80 buks for this game but its not always the games fault, its mostly the user. When i get home ill load the factory defaults and ill post back.
  21. Its definately worth a try , When I have my cpu overclcoked it crashes like yours , goodluck and see how you go
  22. No luck, iv set the bios and gpu to default clocks and bf3 still crashes. I cant even get into it now, it will just keep loading than it will start to go the menu where i can select my weapons and stuff then the music will just keep skipping and ill have to do a ctrl alt del.
    Im going to update my bios and see if that works. And i might even try 12.2
  23. You can always contact EA games. I had some issues with bf3 and when I called them they answered within 2 minutes. If there any issues with your hardware/software they may be able to help you diagnose it.


    Which gpu do you have? One of your posts says 690 and you are using amd drivers so I am guessing the 6950 or 6970? Either way, your idle temps are around 50 degrees and full load will hit 85 degrees. To use Kombuster simply select 'gpu burn' on the bottom right. You will see what looks like a fuzzy MSI logo moving around the screen. If you see anything abnormal on the screen, that is your first indication of a problem. The top right of the screen will show your gpu. It will change colour depeding on how hot it gets. You will also see the current temp,gpu clock, and mem clock. After you run this for 20 minutes(unless you start getting hotter than 85 degreess in which case you should stop running the burn in), if everything looks good on the screen and your temps are not too hot then you can rule out the gpu as the problem.
  24. Sorry to hear you are still having problems , go to the Asus website and check if there is a bios update for your model card and update it to the latest version.
    Another thing that would be good is to check is your ram. I had a similar problem to you and BF3 would crash all the time. You may have a bad stick like I did.
    Remove your ram and test each stick individually by trying to play BF3, see if you get a crash with any of them on their own, I know it sounds extreme but its how I found mine, I removed the one that caused the crashes and the game played perfectly after that, of course it may not be the same case for you , but may be worth the while trying.
  25. You can always try memtest86. Simply download and burn to a disc or put on a usb stick and boot your computer to that drive. It loads off of the disc and runs continuous tests independent of windows. If you have any RAM problems this will show you in the form of errors.
  26. Iv tested my ram and everything like that and yeah I'm using an Asus hd 6950 direct cu ii 2gb. Although I might have found what the problem might be. Every week or so I will run ccleaner or the other called auto tune or something like that I forgot the name and it will usually take 20 seconds to repair registry problems and delete history etc. I reinstalled bf3 completely last night along with origin so there was not one file on my computer that had to do with bf3 or origin to make sure it was a nice clean install. Before I ran the game I run ccleaner and it took 20 minutes to repair and delete files, and I noticed that most of those files were bf3 and origin files. Could ccleaner be deleting some files from bf3 and could that be the cause of the screw ups? Because when I was able to play bf3 fine I never used those two programs. What do you gyz think?

    Edit: sorry if some of the words didn't make sence, iPhone auto correct can be a bitch
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