I just finished my build and my system turs on but only for a sec....MOBO standby light is on so i dont think its a short or anything!! grrrr HELP!!!!
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  1. try everything at the out case first, also check or reseat RAM and CPU again
  2. are all the power connectors in?

    What are the specs? PSU in particular.
  3. cooler master 850 watt and yeah i think all my plugs are in!
  4. could still be a short. I would suggest pulling it out of the case, reseating RAM, checking heatsink
  5. ^ Make sure you don't have any loose screws flopping around on the mobo or underneath it either :).
  6. Ok so I got it working but now how do I download windows from BIOS? Do I need to put my optical driver disk in first? Everything else is ok just cant figure out what to do next?
  7. ^ U need to go to your mobo manufacture web site for any bios update. Just google the name if you don't know the url.
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