I5 2550k and GTX 570 or i7 2600k and gtx 560

Im looking for the best performance for gaming.
An i5 2550k cpu and gtx 570 or i7 2600k and gtx 560. Also i am waiting for the new chipset in the gtx series.
PS: I didn't know if i should put this in cpu or gpu section.
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  1. I would go with the 2500K and the GTX 570 , that will give you better gaming performance than the 2600K and the 560.
    or you can wait for the new gtx cards to come out and pair it with a 2500K
  2. the 2550k and the gtx 570 for sure .
  3. ^+1
    The i7 2600k is over kill for gaming. You would use only abut 40% of tha CPU. Some of the gamers use the i5 2500k because it is in line to run with most all the GPU's. As long as you have the right PSU.

    The GTX 570 or the GTX 560 Ti would both work good with the i5. There would not be any chances of the CPU keeping up with the GPU. We should be seeing the new Nvidia Kepler out next month.

    So if you wanted to wait you could do that as well. The i5 is a lot cheaper than the i7, so you could put the difference on a second card and go SLI or put the money towards the new Kepler. Just food for thought and good luck to you.
  4. You could sli 570s on a 2500k and.still be ok. 2500 and 570 is teh eay to go imo.
  5. The 2600K is a great CPU overall... if you just want to game then there is nothing wrong with the 2500K. First off, the 2500K doesn't have hyperthreading; some games have issues with it and create a "stutter" like effect (ie - BF3). Another benefit of the 2500K is the fact you can clock it higher with less voltage which in turn creates less heat.
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