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Hey all!

I'm usually pretty good when it comes to the workings of graphics cards. I just got my new HP laptop that came with AMD switchable graphics between a 6620 and 6750M. Obviously the 6620 is going to use less power, but I had a question. I installed the latest drivers for both cards, and apparently you arent supposed to, since it does not work with the switchable graphics option. Now the automatic switchable graphics thing is screwed up, which I don't care about too much because I would rather switch them myself anyway. I was just wondering if I disable "Dual Graphics" in the CCC that it will run off of the 6620 and not the 6750M.


P.S. Here is my laptop. Got it for $530 as a refurb:
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    Hey guy how are you doing? Nice Laptop good buy. I don't know much about Laptops but you haven't tried to do that or are you thinking that it might make it permanent?

    So the CCC doesn't show the two different cards? Ya I don't know if you were do that and hope that it will default to the 6620. So how are you switching now between them?

    Couldn't you just leave it on the card you want since the automatic switch is screwed up? Or does it switch when it wants too? Like I said I don't know much about laptops and this new thing that switches.

    I hope you get it figured out. I am curious now. I will be watching this one Good luck to ya
  2. I had a HP DV7-4060US with a 4250 and a 5650. I only installed the driver for the 5650, and the switchable graphics worked fine. You might try uninstalling all the graphics drivers using driver sweeper or something similar, reinstall the HP drivers, then finally update to the latest ATI drivers for the discreet card. You could also try the same thing, but skip the HP step.

    One problem that might arise from disabling dual graphics is that the laptop might run both GPUs at all times, which will kill your battery. I had this problem when trying to use the old FGLRX drivers on Debian Wheezy. I'm not sure if the same problem will arise in Windows.

    That laptop should last you a while, but just be sure to keep it cool. My old DV7 ran very hot (due to poor thermal design) and began dying just after the 1-year warranty expired. I would strongly recommend a cooling pad with fans, even for desktop use.
  3. Another idea would be to disable the discreet card in the BIOS if you only want the integrated graphics.
  4. To DM186, I did find it in the CCC, there is a dual graphics option and by using GPU-Z, it shows that when the Dual-Graphics option is off, the 6620 is the only one running. In device manager and GPU-Z both of them come up though. Its not that much of a big deal, it does have a great battery life, ran it for like 3 or so hours and it had about 1/2 the battery left.

    To bigj231, yes this thing does run very hot. Yet if I am able to turn off the discrete manually and leave the APU on, then thats all that matters to me. I would just like to be able to control the battery life or gaming performance.

    Do you have any ideas to keep it cool? Any recommended coolers or solutions? My processor runs about 50C idle, which sounds hot if it were for a desktop, but this is a laptop and I don't know if that means anything. The GPU is around the same temperature.
  5. Can you just use a chill matt just to cool the out side? I use one on my laptop and it keeps on the cooler side. The thing I worry about is the adaptor. It heats up to the point it is to hot to touch.
  6. DM186 said:
    Can you just use a chill matt just to cool the out side? I use one on my laptop and it keeps on the cooler side. The thing I worry about is the adaptor. It heats up to the point it is to hot to touch.

    I always thought they should make vents in those AC adapters. Mine is not too bad. I need to get a better mat, since the one I have has 2 fans that refuse to work.
  7. Reinstall graphics drivers from hp website to get switchable option. use amd monitor to see whats going on. I know if you have the drivers (sp 54362) from hp and you havent set a program to use the 6750m it will use 6620g by default unless you change it to high performance in CCC.
  8. I know its been awhile, but now my HP is giving my bluescreens all the time and keeps locking up. This must have been one crappy refurb. My old Samsung R580 was much much more reliable than this thing.

    I'm now getting consistent BSOD's when trying to play a game on here, all relating to BCCode 116.
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  10. For some reason when you come back from a old post it doesn't get sent to the fromt of the line. Other wise I would have see it and responded to it. It does sound the is was a bad refurb.

    I hope you get your money back. Good luck to you on this. And thanks.
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