Which setup is best for new pc

If I am running a 3 monitor display for gaming which is better 2 GTX 560 2gb or 2 gtx 560ti 1 gb overclocked?
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    Since it is 3 monitors then the GTX 560 Ti 2GB of Vram. Is the best way to go. you can alway OC your own cards and you can even buy the 2GB of Vram already OC'd.

    If your Res is higher than 1920 x 1200 just on one monitor then you would bennafit from 2GB of Vram. But since you will be using 3 monitors it doesn't matter on the Res. I hope this helps and Good luck to you and your new cards.
  2. 2gb on the ti would be best it will help with multiple monitors and higher resolutions. The ti is faster and will give you better gaming performance as well
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  4. Fyi op you cant run 3 monitors on one card nvidia is limited to 2
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