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Hi guys

well my 7 years old machine just died on me.i am left with a case(Thermaltake Armor+), a geforce 7300LE and my hard disks. now i need ur help

I need recomandations for a new build that will take care of my needs.I use the computer for Lightroom photoshop premiere and a few other small programs.o gaming at all other then some browser based ones.

what i need now is to know what u people recommend in therms of motherboard cpu and ram.Maybe a new gpu to?and of course a new power supply must come to cause the old one is to weak.

Dont bother to post links to US online stores cause i am not from the US.just name a few options that u think are worth while and ill see what i find in my local stores.

thank u in advance forall your help
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  1. Do you have a budget in mind? It helps if you fill out the form you can find here:
  2. ok so here we go

    Aproximate Purchase Date = ASAP

    Price = +/- 1000$

    System Usage = Premiere - Photoshop - Lightroom NO GAMING

    Parts Not Required = Monitor Case HDD Mouse Keyboard CPUHeatsink

    Country = Israel

    Preffered Website = Many

    Parts Preferences = Always been a gigabyte,intel and nvidia fanboy :).But open to other sugestions as well

    Overclocking = yes but not to much

    Sli or Crossfire = Never

    Monitor resolution = 1920X1080

    If u need more details ill be happy to give them away :)
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    You have a couple options here that would work out pretty well for what you're looking to do.

    For the CPU you can go with AMD Bulldozer for this kind of work. A model FX-8120, or if you spent a little more you could go with Intel 2500k or 2600k CPUs.

    At least in America, right now the FX-8120 is the cheaper buy, originally they were not. While the FX is not particularly impressive for gaming compared to 2500k Intels (even though it is perfectly adequate), since this doens't apply to you, it does very well for productivity type software such as photo, and video shopping, Movie encoding, etc.

    For an FX-8120 CPU, you need a motherboard with an AM3+ socket (and preferably 990FX or 970 Chipsets)

    For an Intel CPU you need an LGA1155 socket motherboard preferably with a Z68 or Z77 chipset.

    Asus, Asrock and Gigabyte are acceptable brands. I would look for one that has the features you need and the better warranty.

    For Photoshopping/ video shopping, you don't need a particularly powerful video card. I would get something middle of the road like an Nvidia 550 TI or a Radeon 6850 or 6870.

    For a power supply I would recommend a 500 watt minimum. Look for one that has 80+ certification. I'm a fan of Corsair brand power supplies personally.

    For RAM, I would get 1600MHZ RAM, its really hard to "go wrong" picking a brand for RAM, 8GB of RAM should be sufficient for your purposes, but you can consider 16GB if you like. As long as you stick with brands like Kingston, Geil, PNY, Samsung, Corsair, Crucial, etc. you're fine.
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