Son of HP and their anemic Power Supply

Hi there again, here's a small recap for those just tuning in. I have a HP 190t purchased back in 2010, my first mistake was buying a HP even if they had the i7 980x at an awesome price back then. The current system:

HP Delta 460 watt PSU
Intel 980x i7 CPU
24GB of 1066 DDR3 Ram
2x 1TB Samsung hard drives (Raid 0)
1 BD Combo Drive
Nvidia 550ti Video Card
and a wireless internal card.

Adobe just announced CS6 and being an After Effects jockey I want to get on that sweet, sweet CUDA action. Looking at the system Requirements they support the GTX 580 (not the 680 yet but I've asked them to test it on that card). In preparation for it I have gone ahead and purchased:

Antec Three Hundred case
OCZ ZT 650 Modular PSU
Gigabyte USB3 1366 MB
Some thermaltake CPU fan that cost about $50

On a whim I decided to try the new PSU out and see if it would work on the current Truckee motherboard and it worked like a charm. I had to place the PSU outside of the case and plug things in from there.

This brings me to the question. I really don't have aspirations to overclock anytime soon, stability is much more important to me. Should I just move the old motherboard over to the new case since it's tried and tested and return the Gigabyte and CPU fan?
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    Yes. Your hp windows operating system won't even run on a non hp motherboard. You don't have to overclock the cpu; it's plenty fast.
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