EYEFINITY with 6850!

Thoughts on running a good Eyefinity setup with a Radeon 6850. I happen to have two, so if I need to, crossfire is a possibility. Has anybody had experience with eyefinity on game setups with just one? Good, bad, ugly? Rather leave the other 6850 in my other rig.
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  1. It should be adequate, I'm running on a 6950 2gb but previously ran on a 5770 1gb. I found 1gb to not be quite enough for DX11 @ 5760x1080. What resolution are you trying to push?
  2. I would have to say 5760 x 1080 sounds about right. Starting with some old monitors and will be upgrading to 32' TVs. =]]
  3. Yes, it would run 5760x1080, but NOT play, if you want to, crossfire it.
  4. I can't really play any games on two monitors with my HD 6850, and I'm at 3200x900. Only game I can push with just TWO monitors is Minecraft.
  5. One 6850 isn't going to cut it. Go ahead and Crossfire the 6850s. Are they the 1gb or 2gb versions? The 1gb versions will be bottlenecked by vram so you'd want to keep your texture res and AA down low (AA off probably). They'd do ok but settings would have to be pretty low. The 2gb cards would be a lot better, but still just ok. The bottom line - Crossfire them and enjoy eyefinity - when you want higher settings and/or more frames then save up and buy more powerful cards with more vram.
  6. They're factory OC'd gigabyte 1gbs. What about a 2gb AND 1gb model? Will they play nice?
  7. you are wasting ram if you put a 2gb one with a 1gb one since they choose the lowest common denominator with crossfire. You'd have the exact same setup as if you have 2 1gb cards.
  8. Ah, good info. Will stick with 1gb models.
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