CPU at 90C-98C?!

Hi I recently built a new system from scratch with an arctic freezer 7 pro mounted on my i5-2500 cpu.

The problem is when I render a video on sony vegas my core temps and cpu temp hit 90-98 degrees C almost instantly.

I've tried using different temp readers (Coretemp, speed fan hwmonitor) and i get the same reading with all of them.

I even opened up my pc and touched the heatsink while it was supposedly at 98C and the heat sink is cool and blows cool air from its fan.

I haven't reseated the heatsink yet, i wanted to run it by you guys before i did that, also im very sure the heatsink is mounted properly as its screwed down and isn't loose.

Is there anything else i can try? Is it safe to say that maybe all the temp readers are giving inaccurate readings? (seems unlikely)

Thanks in advance for the help, appreciate it.
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  1. its both, the base is secured onto the motherboard with pushpins but the heatsink itself is mounted onto the base with screws
  2. How much thermal paste have you applied? You only need a pea-sized amount in center.

    What heat sink are you specifically using, if you know?

    Check your temperatures in Bios\UEFI too.
  3. possible that the contact between the HSF and cpu is not strong enough, check that cpu itself is seated right (there are no bent pins on the grid array). did you apply the right amount of thermal compound/paste?
    monitor temps through BIOS with default settings. 98 C is just 5 C less than the threshold
  4. i used the thermal paste that was pre-applied to the heatsink....

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler....

    bios is showing me around the 44C degree mark. when the cpu is idle the temps are perfectly fine

    It's only when the cpu is under 100% load it shoots straight up to 90C.

    IS it normal for the temp to rise up like that? isn't it supposed to be a gradual process?
  5. no its not normal for it to shoot like that. BIOS temp is pretty cool. Subject the processor to an IPDT test and check the log it generates. Monitor the temps when IPDT CPU load test runs.
  6. 98C is very high, way to high for my taste.

    Are you overclocking? Sounds like that could be a reason too.

    Reseat the heatsink with mx-4, works very well\effective for me, and make sure the heatsink it firmly pressed against the CPU.
  7. no i haven't overclocked it,

    I've just took off the heatsink and it was definitley mounted properly to the cpu(took some effort to pull the heatsink off the cpu).

    will reseat and do the ipdt test.

    Will get back to you soon. thanks alot
  8. You idle at 44c? I think thats my load temp. A cool to the touch heatsink doesn't mean all is well because if its not touching the CPU right, it will stay cool because its not picking up the heat. It should be warm. Only other software I can think to try is PCProbe?
  9. I'm back...I just reseated the heatsink and really tightened the screws properly this time around.

    ran the ipdt test and passed temp test, 40c below maximum.

    also checked hwmonitor during the load test and the highest i hit was 60C which was right toward the end of the test, i averaged 55-56c.

    any thoughts? anything i may have missed?
  10. ok i'm rendering a video right now an i'm hitting 60 max averaging 57-58 under 100% load. the reseat seems to have done the trick.

    I think i hadn't tightened the screws of the heatsink last time round causing a gap between the processor and heatsink.

    the cooler i'm using has very weird position screws and its hard to tighten them properly.

    anyway thanks for all you're help guys,
  11. congrats...those seem like normal tests now :)
  12. ^ meant normal temps :)...I occasionally lose my right to edit posts here...weird
  13. you could get better temps if you were to remove the pre applied paste and apply some other thermal compound, you should be seeing load temps around 45 - 50 max and idling around 30 - 45
  14. Dont worry too much about your max temps unless load temps are consistently more than 75 C. Stock thermal compound would be good enough though you may have done a fresh application since your reseated the HSF. Your temps (idle and max) depend a lot on the ambient/ room temp as well. your temps are fine at 57-58 C load
  15. Yeah, I'd leave it alone. Temps are good enough and unless you are OCing and having a heat issue you should be fine from here on out.
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