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I'm currently having problems during boot-up. Whenever I start up windows, my video card's (4870) fan suddenly goes on full blast. When this happens, nothing is displayed at my monitor at all.

On other occasions, still during boot-up, I'm able to see my screen, then suddenly before Windows loads (while PC is checking on hardware components), screen suddenly goes blank again, at the same time I hear the Video Card restarting, then going on full fan blast again.

Has anyone experienced this?
My current workaround is to simply restart and restart non-stop (usually 10+ tries) till I get lucky.
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  1. Hi, check the power cable of your video card and try re-seat it. May be it is loose. You can also check your video card in another pc or friend's pc to see if it is ok. But check for loose power connection first.
  2. Hi Mubin,

    Thanks for your reply! I've already done that earlier and so far, it's still by luck that I'm able to startup properly. :-(
  3. Looks like its a faulty card.

    Sometimes fan goes on full blast just because of power error. I had run my card without 6-pin power cable and it sound loud. So checking psu watt is also good to go. After years of use, psu lost some initial watts. What is your psu watt?
  4. 1. Do a clean install of your old drivers if you have
    2. Update your motherboard's drivers
    3. In the BIOS, set graphics to PCI-E
    4. Make sure it's installed properly, and compatible with your system (PSU is sufficient, Power cable for GPU is plugged, seated properly, etc)
    5. Make sure other components of your PC is fine, do tests first using IGP.
    6. Your GPU may be defective, check it on another system. If still it has the same issue, RMA it.

    Good Luck :).
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