No video output on 6870

Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel Pentium II g850 @2.9 Ghz
Powercolor ATI Radeon HD 6870, 1GB
650W power supply

I can't seem to get any signal at all via the video card. There is a signal when connecting a monitor via the mobo output, but none through the card. It has worked before, but after about a week of use, nothing. The power is still well connected and the fan spins. The card could not have shifted out of the socket because it is held in place by screws. The only changes I can think of between installing the card and its (what I can only assume to be) failure were the installation of Skyrim and a driver update. I have performed a system restore to the earliest available option, but no no avail. All the components are brand new. Could the card be faulty, or is there any other software change that could have caused the problem?
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  1. 1. Do a clean install of your old drivers if you have
    2. Update your motherboard's drivers
    3. In the BIOS, set graphics to PCI-E
    4. Make sure it's installed properly, and compatible with your system (PSU is sufficient, Power cable for GPU is plugged, seated properly, etc)
    5. Make sure other components of your PC is fine, do tests first using IGP.
    6. Your GPU may be defective, check it on another system. If still it has the same issue, RMA it.
  2. I have looked in the BIOS, and have found nothing about graphics settings. My mobo is an ASUS P8H61-M LX. There are settings for an iGPU, which I can only assume is the integrated graphics on the CPU. Is there any other way to alter the settings/another place to look for the settings you mentioned?

    Also, when I try to start Skyrim (which goes nowhere past the launcher, by the way) the settings shows that the graphics adapter is the Intel HD Graphics Family. When looking in the system information, I see that the AMD processor driver has not "started" and that it has a Manual start mode. What does this mean, and how can I activate/start it?
  3. I have found the AMD Driver in the computer's files, but whenever I try to open it or run it, a window pops up saying that it has "detected an incomplete setup" and closes itself.
  4. First, plug the monitor cable to the card, then do a CLEAN install of your driver and make sure drivers are working properly.
  5. I would assume that a "Clean" install is one where the files already existing on your computer are removed/erased/uninstalled, correct?
    Would this mean deleting/removing all files from the hard drive, installing the video card driver first, and then installing the OS, or just removing then installing the driver?
  6. Meaning make sure no old vga drivers files are left. If no I think it's defective. Have you tried putting this card on another sufficient system?
  7. I have no other system to try this card with. I'll be sure to check the VGA drivers, uninstall the current video card driver, and then reinstall it.
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