I just want to know..

what is new? what kind of stuff should i buy if i build a new pc.

because evretime i see somebodys bio or signature, they be having this crazy i7 And 12gb ram...

you know i wanna get one of those , but the fact is that is to pricey, and i dont want to expend overbored for something.

so i wish to know what are some good procesores, graphic cards, etc...

i am thinking about building my own pc. because i notice you can change parts later on. and mostly you can put a large number {4 } of HDD.

i was watching NewEggs.com youtube and i was learning quiet a bit, but to tell you the truth i cant trust videos because they will problably be old.

i was thiking about buying some parts of these


i wanna change the procesor main of all and the ram so it can at least be 8 to 12gb minimun has to be 6gb

i may want a i7, but to tell you the truth is way to pricey right now, os i was jsut wondering a i5 would be ok?

i am a graphic designer i am not a gamer, tha games that i could maybe play once a MONTH maybe, Gunz,S4league,Operation7. that is all. and will problably not play them..

so i dont know, i am kind of lost.
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  1. At the very top of this forum is the *How To Ask For New Build Advice* post.
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