Dell Poweredge 6850 as a home server: harddrives?!?


I'm building a home server using the Dell 6850 and would like to know if it's possible to use regular non-Dell branded hard drives to replace the drives already in the unit? I'd like to use 7200 rpm SCSI or SAS drives such as the Seagate Constellation series. Ultimately, my reasons are to increase capacity (500 gb minimum) which is more important to me than speed.

Also, is there a maximum storage capacity for ALL drives in the 6850 or for EACH individual drive installed in the 6850?

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  1. You can use any hard drives (assumuing the right connections are in the computer).
  2. There are no 7200RPM SCSI drives, and AFAIK, there are no SCSI drives larger than 147GB (possibly 300GB). SAS tops out at 600GB, but it's a pretty penny per drive. There should be no issues using Constellation drives, other than perhaps the connection (SCSI or SAS).
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