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home network problem

Last response: in Networking
September 5, 2005 7:34:23 PM

I'm trying to upgrade my home network to support wireless connetion with limited success...

My conifguration is:

1. Win XP SP2 computer ("big comp") used as a router, connected to ADSL modem. This computer has USB wireless NIC, nVidia MCP NIC, and realtec NIC (which connects to the modem)

2. Win XP SP2 computer (small comp) - used as a client that connects to big comp via ethernet cable.

3. Win XP SP2 centrino IBM x31 laptop, used as a client connected to big comp with built in wireless.

I bridged the LAN and the wireless connection in big comp using nViidia MCP bridging capability. i then enabled ICS on the bridge.
both comupters got 192.168.0.X addresses (bog comp was and the dafault GW) but only the small comp got PING replay and could surf the internet.
I can work with the laptop only when there is no bridge and the LAN interface in big comp is disabled .....
i don't know what's the problem ....

1. MCP bridge ?
2. ICS lack of support ? maybe if i can use a routing software i would not have to use the bridge a do ICS on different IP subnets ?

please help ...


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September 7, 2005 5:16:08 PM

You could just get a wireless/wired cable modem/dsl router and be done with it.
Advantages: 1. dont have to leave "big comp" on all the time to supply connections to other computers.
2. Easier to setup
3. Speed may be a little faster since it will be a direct connection instead of going thru the "big comp" all the time.