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I have been wanting a computer that can play Supreme Commander FA or original without slowing down. I have a quad core amd at 2.8 GHz and 4 GB of 1333 MHz ram and the game slows down when the unit counts get high. I like to play against 3-4 AI with all of us having up to 500 units or higher and the game goes to slow motion like 1 frame every 3 seconds.

I have looked at my cpu usage and 1 core is at 100 % and the other 3 are barely in use. This game came out in 2007, so most games were not using more than 1 core at that time. I am just trying to figure out if a quad core amd processor with really high clock speed (ie Phenom II x4 965) or a high end inte(iel i5 3570k) would work better.

The game is older, so if I can build a cheap system that plays it well and still does everything a computer should, that is the route I want to take. However, if an overclocked amd doesn't handle lightly threaded single core applications, then I will go the intel route.
Thank for any help.
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  1. What GPU?
  2. jay_nar2012 said:
    What GPU?

    stock graphics and then tried amd hd 6870
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