Amd fx processor is good for gaming.

I'm going to buy fx 8150 processor it is good for gaming or not please help me out.

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  1. if you have a game that uses 8 cores (i don't know any), maybe

    otherwise, almost anything else on the market is better. clock for clock it's worse than i3, i5, i7, phenom 2.
  2. When you run the turbo on those FX chips it basically cuts the number of cores in half. They kind of get you that way, but an 8 core will run more like a 4 core. The 8150 is probably the best FX to get, but I don't think the performance over a 965 BE is worth the extra money, if it performs better at all.
  3. FYI, AMD announced some time ago that they would no longer compete with Intel for desktop CPU business. If AMD doesn't believe their processors are competitive, neither do I.
  4. The vast majority of games only use 2 cores. The number of games that can make use of 4 cores is very tiny compared to the number of games that only use 2 cores.

    In the best case scenario half of the cores in the FX-8150 will be idling all the time. If you want to record your gameplay using FRAPs or MSI Afterburner, then those extra cores can come in handy. Some people like uploading their gameplay onto Youtube.
  5. There are very few games that the FX8150 is even as good as a Phenom II 965 which in turn is not as good as an i3 2100 unless overclocked. For gaming Intel is currently better than AMD at every price point.
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