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Macbook Air (i7-2677M) runs code faster than i7-2600 desktop, why?

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May 3, 2012 10:01:49 AM


I am running some image processing c++ code that processes and generates a 320x200 pixel image. The program uses the openframeworks API for display. If I run and compile this code on my Macbook Air (i7-2677M, 4GB RAM) the rendering runs about twice as fast as on my Desktop i7-2600 (16GB RAM) (a PC, not a Mac machine).

I have compiled and run the code on the Mac using Xcode 4, and on the Mac also in Visual Studio 2010 running on Parallels VM software, 64-bit Windows 7 - both compilations give roughly the same speed.

On the desktop side I have compiled using Visual Studio 2010 on 64-bit Windows 7 and also using CodeBlocks running on Ubuntu Linux. Both run noticeably slower than the Macbook Air.

I have run two benchmarks using PassMark and NovaBench on my desktop and both times the rating came out as a sensible number, giving roughly twice the performance over the same benchmark run for the Macbook Air and matching comparatively spec'd machines.

What should I try next?

Thank you.

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May 3, 2012 5:40:02 PM

Perhaps the speed of the hard drive is making a difference, is the Mac running a SSD?
May 4, 2012 2:32:33 AM

Any chance the "openframeworks API" you are using is GPU accelerated on the MAC ? Some of them are.