FPS PC gaming on a hdtv? (34 inches)

would playing games such as counterstrike on a hdtv (34 inches) be easier or harder for me? than say playing on a monitor or my laptop's standard screen. I hook up to a monitor or hdtv using them as an extended display for my laptop
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  1. the size of the screen does not matter, the only variable that will say if it will be harder or easier for your laptop to play is the resolution, if you increase resolution it will be more heavy for your computer to renderize the game at higher resolutions, hdtv probably is 1920x1080 so counterstrike will run ok i think... but if your laptop is really, really, old and can't handle CS at 1920x1080 you can lower the resolution to the same you usually play that the performance will be the same.
  2. Yes, the above post is true, Size does not matter, the one matters is your resolution. If your laptop built-in screen has 1920x1080 and your HDTV too has 1920x1080, you are technically going to have the same performance. But if your built-in screen has 1366x768, then it's going to make difference. If you are looking for a laptop that handles 1920x1080 gaming well, I recommend something that has AMD Radeon 6950M or nVidia 560M.
  3. Thanks guys, this answers my question very well :)
  4. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn't display at the max resolution of my TV, so I will have to stick with a smaller resolution :(
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