HELP - Crashing, Freezing, VPU RECOVERY MSI HD 6670 DDR5

hey guys, i m very pissed off of my pc specially GPU (MSI HD 6670 1GB DDR5) which i buyed last week. Plz tell me wat the heck the problem is with my GPU or is it PC.

my pc rig:
Pentium dual core 2.6ghz
Intel DG41RQ mobo
Transcend 2gb ddr2 ram
Seagate 320 gb HDD
MSI HD 6670 1GB DDR5 Graphic card
Local PSU : 450watts with V 12 25amps

Plz guys help me solve this probem quickly!!!
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  1. What is your psu brand? some generic psus don't delivery the labeled wattage and can damage your system and cause it not to work properly your graphics card can be damaged working with bad psus.

    also, if you are using this rig for gaming, your Dual core is very bad for gaming your fps will be terrible and you will not even be able to use your 6670 properly because that cpu will be bottlenecking it, this may not be the cause of the problem but if you change it will improve your performance if you are into gaming.
  2. I would agree with ricardois, you should check you PSU first. I believe the 6670 requires 18amps on the 12V, so theoretically your PSU should be fine. But if its old and/or a cheaply built PSU, chances are it may be failing. If possible, swap out the PSU for another one.

    Another common cause of freezing/crashing is overheating of either the CPU, GPU, or chipset. Make sure when you installed the card you didn't displace the heatsink/fans on any of the above.

    What kind of GPU were you running before?
  3. Guys, its not the matter of PSU coz i tested it on my frnd's PC by inserting my own PSU in his cab. My frnd has Asus Mobo(ddr3) with amd phenom X4 processor. It worked correctly.
    And my PSU is of LOCAL BRAND. 500rs (10$) {{{{{{{{{{{DONT LOL, LMAO OR ROFL seeing price of PSU}}}}}}}}}}}}} :D :D :D
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