Weird rattling noise from my 5870

I built my pc a bit less than 2 years ago, and recently the fan in my powercolor pcs+ 5870 card has started rattling. It kinda sounds like its hitting something when its running, but as far as I can see it is not, and if I gently press the middle of the fan while its spinning it stops.
I have tried cleaning the dust out of it, but it no avail, any ideas what it could be and if its fixable?
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  1. Sounds like the bearings are failing.
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    Peel back the sticker covering the back center of the fan and there will be a small hole. give it a drop of.lube. I prefer mineral oil but WD40 or motor oil should work. just a little and give it a flick, then put the sticker back so dust doesn't get in.
  3. Yes give it some lube first, use Silicone spray or Mineral oil or at least WD-40. If it still come rattling I guess you must to replace the fan :).
  4. I finally got annoyed enough with the fan to try this, but it seems that my fan does not have a little hole at the top. I peeled off the sticker and its solid plastic.
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