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My new RoseWill Challenger case has inherited all of older components including Dell 435mt motherboard from my store-purchased Dell PC. I couldn't be happier with the temps on both my CPU and GPU as a result of the switch to the new case. Everything fits in nicely, however I have one issue, the inputs where the LAN, Audio, USB cables go into the motherboard (back panel of the case) are "exposed". The Rosewill Challenger provides a standard/universal motherboard opening for those inputs, but the Dell's back panel has been welded shut to the old case, and so it appears that it cannot be removed. What would be the best solution for this? Can I order a panel online? I think cutting out the metal panel from the old case, polishing it, measuring will prove to be a very hard task. Please help and thank you!
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  3. Thank you coolkat. This is probably the closest I will find. I shall re-use my old foam outline, and add this new backplate, and should be sufficient to patch up the huge gap in the back of the case.
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