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I am going to have two EVGA GTX 570 2.5GBs running in SLI in a Rosewill Blackhawk case.

I have a lot of airflow with two intake fans in the front, one on the bottom, and 3-4 exhaust fans, two on top, one on the side, and one on the back. Will that be enough airflow to have them in SLI? I will not be overclocking them (as I hear 2.5GB 570s don't overclock very well). Thanks for the help!
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  1. You will probably be fine with that setup. Dual card setups are usually only a problem if you want to overclock the graphics cards to very high levels or if you rely on something like a single exhaust fan for cooling.

    2 intake + 4 exhaust will be plenty to keep the cards cool. Your temps will be higher than with a single card (obviously), but they shouldn't be problematic.
  2. Also, this is the board I have.

    Am I right in thinking that I will have more space and that the cards will not be right on top of each other like some mobos? That question being answered will also help a lot. Thanks for the reply bigmack!
  3. Yes that board should give your cards a bit of space between them unless you purchase a 570 with a 3-slot cooler instead of the standard dual-slot coolers :)
  4. These are the 570s I will have for SLI. Only ones in 2.5GB form.

    Thanks again for your help bigmack!
  5. Yup you're good to go - you should have some space between the cards and with that much ventilation you shouldn't have any heat issues. With that much ventilation, I wouldn't expect heat issues even if the cards had no space between them.

    If you DO for some reason run into heat problems, turn your side fan from an exhaust to an intake. Often, the side fan cools your GPUs better if it is blowing cold air down on them (especially since you have top exhaust fans which can draw that air up and expel it).

    :edit: I know this is unsolicited advice, so feel free to ignore it, but if you're paying $400 for those cards you may want to consider bumping up to $450 to get two 7950s... they are far superior in terms of performance for just a few bucks more.
  6. I looked at them as an option, but I've had one 570 2.5GB for a little while. Two of those 7950s would give awesome performance for the price though.

    I also don't prefer CFX as much. People seem to have better results as a whole going with SLI.

    It is great advice and would honestly probably go that route if I didn't already have one 570 so no worries. :)

    I'll also keep that side fan advice handy. I might just make it an intake anyway since it really makes more sense.

    Thank you!
  7. ooooooooooh didn't realize you already had one - thought you were buying 2 new cards

    Yeah then it's not a bad use of money :)
  8. Yeah I'm pretty excited for it to arrive.

    I didn't have an SLI bridge so I bought the longer version of it to make sure it was long enough.

    Seriously, thanks again!
  9. There was someone in the forums yesterday who posted 3DMark 11 and Unigine 2.5 benches for 3-way 570's. Said they were running 65C with hard gaming. Didn't mention fans or case.
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