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Does anyone know if a seasonic 1000 watt platinum will be a good choice for a haf 932 case. I have read reviews that cables aren't very long. I like to run all my cables behind the board. Otherwise I was looking at an Antec HCP 1000 watt platinum as well. I had a corsair hx1000 watt but it died after a year. Not sure I want to go that route again since its the second one thats died.
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    I have the CM HAF-X case and the SeaSonc 1250 gold psu and I ran the cpu atx power cable up behind the MB tray and it was long enough.
    I cant say that the Platinum is the same or different but there are extensins that you can get for any of the power supply cables. They are single braided and sleved to different colors so you could match any color scheme that you may have.
  2. The Maxfinder are triple braided and look really good.
  3. According to the respective Seasonic product webpages the Platinum-1000 and X-1250 do have the same cable lengths. So based on inzone's comment I would say that if his cables reached, then so will yours.
  4. thanks guys....the seasonic is on order :)
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  6. Don't forget that if you run the cables behind the MB tray and you end up running then a longer way for some reason there are always exstentions to help out. I use them a lot for looks and for convienence.
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