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Why, when I go to Tom's home page, click on Charts->Processors, the latest I can find is "Desktop CPU Charts 2010"? I don't want two-year-old CPU charts! I want CPU comparisons for 2012! I'm sure it's here somewhere, but it must be buried deeply. Can anyone help me find current CPU comparisons? Not two-year-old ones.

I'm trying to determine if a cheap Asus laptop with an AMD E-450 for $319 is as good a deal as an Intel B960 for $80 more. Sure, the E-450 won't be as fast, but is the Intel 30% faster? It's worth looking at, but the lack of current charts is frustrating. The 2010 chart doesn't even list the E450.
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  1. Well, I tried, and the E450 has about one third the score of an Intel B960. Hardly worth saving 25-30% of the purchase price of the PC and getting one third the performance!

    But it still would be nice to find a current CPU benchmark chart on Tom's, if anyone knows where they've hidden it.

    These may not be what your looking for but it's what I can find right now and will see if there are any others hidden someplace.
  3. Is there a Tom's CPU chart more recent than two years ago? If so, I'd appreciate a reply so I can stop Tom's from spamming me asking me to select a "best reply". Please.
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