Gigabyte GeForce 460 GTX wierd issue

Hi everyone,

I have a wierd problem with my Gigabyte GTX 460.

A few weeks ago I had a problem with my PSU (Seasonic 520W), which failed so I replaced it with another one. But it seems that the faulty PSU damaged another one of my components and I'm pretty sure it's the GTX.

After I replaced the PSU i turned my system on and after the "starting windows" black screen and the blue "welcome" screen, the monitor suddenly went to standby mode, the fans on the graphics cards spinned to max. and the system just freezed. no sound, no pc speaker sound on hitting the keyboard, nothing. so i pressed the restart button but the problem repeated. then i managed to enter windows through safe mode, it worked for about a minute then the "thing" happened again.

the next day i took my case to my friends place. i put his Radeon HD 5850 into my system and everything worked just fine, no problems at all. then i put my card back into the mbo, managed to enter windows through safe mode, reinstalled the drivers and it seems to work just fine.

for 4-5 days.

then, while playing battlefield 3 for an amount of time the monitor suddenly went to standby, the fans on the GPU spinned to max and the system freezed. my friends told me that the teamspeak client told them "user timed out" which meant that the whole system freezed. i restarted windows, started BF again and the problem repeated. then it started to occur while surfing the internet, doing nothin particulary "heavy" for the GPU and now i barely get to enter windows then the GPU shuts down again.

i tried to put it into another PCI slot
i tried to flash BIOS on the MBO
tried reinstalling drivers again
i again took my friends GPU, put into my system, used for two days and everything was just fine

so, I'm curios, could it be a software problem or my GPU simply got damaged when the PSU incident occurred?

MBO ASRock 890GX Extreme3
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T
Gigabyte GeForce 460 GTX 1 GB DDR5
8 GB DDR3 RAM (2x2 GB, 1x4GB) 1333 mhz
Samsung 1TB HDD
LC Power Silent Giant 560W

thanks everyone
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  1. any ideas? :(
  2. clansman_zg said:
    any ideas? :(

    You enter this on a Monday morning and only wait 30 minutes for a response? Give us a chance to wake up!
  3. clarkjd said:
    You enter this on a Monday morning and only wait 30 minutes for a response? Give us a chance to wake up!

    true...I'm sorry :wahoo:

    take your time guys!
  4. lol I've been trying to find if anyone else was having this kind of issue.

    I don't know if it is an coincidence but my card started doing a similiar thing for like the past 2 weeks or so. I have the Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB 256bit card. I got mine like a month or two after it came out, so it has been running for around a year and half without issues until recently.

    First I was getting the message "Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered." My screen would goes into standby and right back out. Sometimes it would keep going while other times it would go straight into standby. Mine too also froze up when I was web browsing or the machine was idle. Not suire if was just coincidence that it never happened when I was playing games. Then it started to get worse where it would just freeze on the Windows loading screen. Mine would freeze at the end of the windows loading screen and never make it to the blue screen. I did a driver reinstall, but that didn't help. Then all the hard shut down from the restart corrupted my Windows install to where I couldn't even repair it. So I had to do a reinstall on windows. I also happen to pick a OCZ ZS 650W power supply from a recent deal, so that is in there now too. I also shoved in my old 7900GS into the second pcie slot. I did all that last weekend, and it has happened once since. So I'm kind of lost on what the "bad part" here.

    So here are the things I have tried to diagnose as the failure:
    Drivers: Did a driver install and got nothing. After my Windows 7 got currupted I booted a few times into an old Vista install. One of the times it went into standby when I was in Vista. It might have been after windows applied a few updates. So maybe it is the driver? But then it has happened once with my fresh Win7 install.

    Power Supply: Don't think it was my power supply. I never noticed any burnt smell from my old power supply. Also, it has done it once since I put the new one in.

    Video Card: I swapped in an EVGA 7900GS when I was still on the 500w, and it never did it. After putting in the 650w, I've put both in. My theory was windows froze since it lost all available graphics cards. So I was hoping the 7900GS would keep going if the GTX460 failed. And the whole system forze up still (the one time after win7 reinstall and power supply change). I also install MSI afterburner and overclocked the card after it started doing it, but I didn't cause it fail any more or less when overclocked.

    Motherboard: I don't have any motherboards that support an old Core 2 Duo E6600 and PCIE around, so I can't try swapping that out.

    CPU or Ram: I would expect BSOD or failure to start the machine if they were failing.

    Currently in the machine:
    Abit AW9D
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    2x2GB DDR2 800mhz Corsair Ballistix
    Kingston V+100 96GB SSD (windows 7)
    OCZ ZS 650W
    Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB GDDR5 256bit
    EVGA 7900GS

    It really isn't helping that my system only did it once after all the changes. If you got an extra hard drive, I would try installing a fresh copy of windows and see if still fails. I don't want to risk sending my card to Gigabyte unless I know for sure it is the problem. Since it happens sporadically, I fear it may not fail when they test it. You have to pay the return shipping and testing fee if the card isn't broken. So... I'm kind of hoping it is a driver issue, and that is why I have only seen it once since the reinstall. After all we have completely different machines and we both had similiar issues around around the same time. I'll keep you posted if anything changes for me.
  5. @hjohn06
    after few days of "research" i decided to take my GeForce to the supplier and report the issue under warranty. after a week i got the call from the dealer who said that the card had a failure and that i can get a new one and so it was.
    i asked them what happened and the guy told me that they actually never repair the faulty cards unless it'a a fan/cooler problem which can be replaced. he said that the card simply started to overheat causing it to shut down and that's about it ;)
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