Need help selecting good Cpu cooler for phenom II 955 be

Hi there I got a phenom II 955 a few days ago and I used an old copper heatsink laying around, it idles at 35 degrees and that max it goes on load is 61 degrees. I hear the processor has a limit to 62 degrees posted on the AMD website, anyways can anyone suggest a good cooler for my cpu. My case is a cooler master elite 350. I was thinking of getting the hyper 212 plus but it may be to big for my case.

Also what do you think of this cooler?

My budget is $35 dollars before taxes.
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  1. the CM hyper 212 EVO does a good job for me, keeps mine cool at 4GHz
  2. I was considering the Hyper 212 evo or plus but my case cannot support it as its width is too short, the width of my case is 7.08 inches, people recommend 7.5 inches at least for the evo or plus.
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    i see, well that's about all i would recommend for stock clocks

    you could always try ramping up the fans speeds, 61C won't kill your chip anyways :P
  4. Sorry for not picking a best answer, I know its been a long time but I just realized that I had not marked it while I was browsing through my old threads. Thanks for your input!
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