New build has locked up twice

Hey, so I just built my new system, specs are..

i5 2500k
MSi Twin Frozr 7870
Caviar Black 500GB
Corsair Enthusiast 750W PSW
2x4GB Corsair Vengeance

Alright, so I originally had the 750 Watt OCZ PSU, but whenever I would play a game the fan sounded like a jet and wouldn't slow down until I restarted the computer. Now I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but the computer never locked up before I put in the new Corsair PSU.

It has only locked up twice, but a new build should not be locking up and it's driving me nuts.

Here is how it happened..

BOTH times it locked up I was streaming a video and listening to it through my headphones (Sennheiser PC360, dunno if that matters), it locked and the music stopped. Then the mouse free'd up and I was able to get to task manager. Then it locked again, mouse stopped. Unlocked for a couple seconds mouse was free, then finally locked up entirely, forcing me to restart. Identical both times.

I had my CPU at 4.2 GHz, everything else stock. I ran a 7 hour Prime95 overnight at 4.2 GHz, and with the coolermaster 212+ it didn't even hit 60C, only 59C.

Both times the computer locked up, when I rebooted the CPU was back to it's stock 33x multiplier. Any other time I restart or shut down, the multiplier stays at 42x. I don't know if this means that it's the CPU causing the issue?

I've run memtest. No issues.

I've stressed the hell out of the system with Prime95, Furmark, 3DMark11. Runs Battlefield 3 maxed flawlessly, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Witcher 2. No issues in games or benchmarks. Both times I was streaming a video.

Which of course may have just been a coincidence, seeing it only has happened twice.

Any ideas what else I should trouble shoot?
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  1. Is it only when using your headphones?

    If so try updating your sound drivers. This could be a simple fix or it could be hardware related.

    You say it has only happened 2 times and never again. How long has it been? Can you make it happen again if you are streaming video and listening with your headphones?
  2. Set the cpu back to stock speeds and see if this happens when it is at stock. Just because it was stable in prime95 doesn't mean it is stable as different workloads are just that, different.
  3. Will try both and update. Thanks
  4. K so I reverted back to stock clocks. Tried to abuse it streaming videos with a bazillion windows open, no luck. Finally did get a lockup today though. I was streaming a video but wasn't viewing it at the time. It can't be the cause though, the computer will run for 10 hours without freezing and I could have streamed 8 hours worth of videos.

    It still locked up at stock clocks.

    I just came back to my computer after getting a haircut and this is what it looked like..

    ignore ball man :D just a little joke on another forum I post on. haha..

    it's done this to my screen three times, but it's not locked up or anything, once I close the windows it's fine and everything works dandy. dunno if this might give someone an idea as to what might be causing it.

    i've tested the hell out of the memory, the only thing I can think is the PSU is bad?
  5. everything i've read is suggesting the video card could be to blame, but i've played battlefield 3 for hours, other games, including the witcher 2, stress tested it in furmark, run tons of 3dmark11's, and no issues.
  6. seems to be starting to lock up more often now, just had a fourth, shortly after the third. siiiighhh.. here I thought my first build went off without a hitch :D

    Well i've tested the memory as much as possible, hard drive, video card, dunno what else to do... it's probably either the mobo, psu, or some sort of a software issue, but i'm not clever enough to diagnose it. just gonna take it in.
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